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Mattupetty Dam - Overview

Mattupetty Dam is among the top places near Munnar where people go to enjoy their time.  It is hard to imagine that this dam was constructed many years ago but is generating electricity even today. If we look back at the details, we will find that the construction started in 1949.  The government spent around INR220 lakhs on this project.  The main purpose behind building this type of concrete gravity dam is to save water and generate power.

According to Wikipedia, the height of the dam is 83.35 meters (273.5 ft) and the length is 237.74 meters (780.0 ft).  There are three radial spillway gates. Mattupetty Dam has a total storage capacity of 55.4 million cubic metres of water. 

Tourists who visit Mattupetty Dam appreciate nature and see how birds and animals interact with nature. Elephants and other animals come here to drink water. Birds also visit the dam to quench their thirst. 

Tourism Promotion Council of Idukki (Munnar) arrange different types of water sports. Speed boating is one of them. Others who love to trek can choose Shola Forest. There is a well-known dairy farm and tranquil lake near the dam for travellers to explore.

Mattupetty dairy farm

The other name of Mattupetty is ‘cattle village’. There is a dairy farm in Mattupetty.  It is a project for livestock between the Swiss government and the Government of India. It has been running this project since 1963. The cattle graze freely on the hills in the farm area which you might have seen in the advertisements on TV. There is also a research centre at Mattupetty Dairy farm. 

The distance of the farm from Mattupetty is only 3 kilometres.

Mattupetty Lake Munnar

There is another attraction in Mattupetty. It is the serene and calm lake of Mattupetty. It provides different kinds of facilities for boating like speed boating, pedal boating, and motor boating. Tourism Promotion Council of Idukki runs these activities. 

Moreover, tourists enjoy the surrounding tea gardens and Shola forests. You can spot hundreds of migratory birds in this place. After viewing the dam exploring and relaxing in Mattupetty Lake could be a great idea.

Pothamedu View Point

Pothamedu View Point is also a popular spot. It is about 14 kilometres to the southeast of Mattupetty Dam. After hiking, you will get 360-degree views of the whole area.

Mattupetty dam- How to Reach

Mattupetty Dam is close to Anamudi Peak.  When you visit Anamudi Peak, you can give Mattupetty a try. Mattupetty is around 11 kilometres from the city centre. It is reachable by air, road and rail. 

Air:  Cochin International Airport is the nearest one to the destination. It lies 108 km from Munnar. 

Rail: Angamaly is the closest railway station. It lies 109 km away. 

Road: You can avail buses from Aluva.   You can easily reach Mattupetty by road if you choose to take a taxi. The main bus stop near Mattupetty is Munnar. If you catch a cab, it will take only half an hour to reach the dam,  

Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

For entrance, adults have to pay 10 INR and in the case of children, it is free. 

Mattupetty dam boating price and timings

An ordinary boat ride of 15 minutes will cost 300 INR. On the other hand, if you take a speed boat you have to pay 500 INR. Both boats can carry a maximum of 5 persons. You can also hire a big boat. It has a capacity to carry 20 persons. For the trip, you have to pay 700INR.

Important Guidelines

  • Parking is available. 
  • There are a snack counter and a children’s play area. 
  • The place is disabled-friendly. 
  • Cameras are allowed. 
  • You can use life jackets during your boat trip. 
  • Avoid feeding and teasing animals. 
  • You cannot take your pets. 
  • Don’t take plastic bags. 
  • Smoking is prohibited. 
  • You cannot carry outside food and drinks. 

Holidaymakers often plan a trip to Vagamon, Munnar, Eravikulam National Park and Thattekad Bird Sanctuary with Mattupetty. This idea is welcome. In one trip you can experience the diversity of Munnar. 

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