Chinese Fishing Nets

Chinese Fishing Nets

Chinese Fishing Nets were brought by some traders from the court of Kublai Khan in China and is an icon of Cochin Tourism. Each structure is at least 10 m high and comprises a cantilever with an outstretched net suspended over the sea and large stones suspended from ropes as counterweights at the other end.


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Each of the Chinese Fishing Nets installation is operated by a team of up to six fishermen. The system is sufficiently balanced that the weight of a man walking along the main beam is sufficient to cause the net to descend into the sea. The net is left for a short time, possibly just a few minutes, before it is raised by pulling on ropes. The catch is usually modestand may be sold to passers by within minutes.

  • Entry TimingsAll Day
  • Weekly HolidayOpen all Days
  • Suitable For Families
  • Tip from Iris HolidaysYou can join Fishing with Chinese Fishing Net workers by paying a nominal fee

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