Bamboo rafting in thekkady periyar in Kerala

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Thekkady is one of the best places in India to do bamboo rafting . The concept of bamboo raft tourism in Thekkady owes its existence to these simple rafts built and used by the tribals in the sanctuary and only tribals are permitted inside the Periyar wildlife sanctuary in Kerala.

Here are some photos and experience shared by Bozidar Dragisic a guest from Croatia who visited Kerala in December 2012 whose testimonial about customised Kerala holiday packageyou can find here.

Here is a signboard on the way to starting point of the rafting inside Periyar wildlife sanctuary.


This was the starting point of the journey. This stream joins the Periyar Lake further downstream.

Few other guests from Croatia crossing over to the other side on the rickety bamboo raft in the picture below.

This is a combined trekking and rafting tour and trekking involves a four kilometer walk to the point of bamboo rafts boarding.Here are some snaps on the way.

Trekking and rafting tour in Thekkady

The trekking route through forest lands is frequented by animals and here are some animal Footprints on the way.

Trekking and rafting tour in Thekkady

You can spot were bison in the distance, langur and wild pigs on the way during the trek. Tigers hunt the bison and you can see the heads and bones of the bison on the way.

Trekking and rafting tour in Thekkady

A bison probably eaten by a tiger who is resting at a place not far away from the place we are trekking through

One of the guides showing us a bone. Lot of these guides are ex-poachers who have been rehabilitated as a part of eco-tourism programmes.

Periyar is a veritable paradise of elephants. Herds of playful wild elephants can be seen near the Periyar lake, their favorite haunt for frolicking in the water.

Guides taking a rest along with us.Guides are employed by Kerala Forest Department for trekking and rafting tour.

Rafting point from which rafting starts after the 4 kilometer trek. Bamboo rafting is an amazing and fresh experience. The fact that we’re sitting at water level makes for a more intimate encounter with the water in the lake. In fact, the middle of the raft lies so low in the water, a puddle forms there and sometime the middle of the raft is below water with guests sitting on both side. More pictures from rafting below.

The scenery during this trekking and rafting tour is really exhilirating and amorous, and the best point to enjoy this is enjoy it from than the languidly floating bamboo raft when you are floating in the water and rafts are partially submerged in the water, making for a tactile encounter with the lake.

This is where trekkers stay during night trekking. The ditch around the camp site is for protection against elephants and other wild animals.

Taking the rest again after rafting.

Thekkady lake was created when the Mullaperiyar dam was built over a century ago and water was collected in the forest areas. The projecting arms of trees are silent reminders of the Mullaperiyar dam and is seen only in periyar lake.

Trekking back through the lands and there are lot of animal photograph opportunities after rafting on the way.

Elephants on the way once again. Baby elephant and mother elephant playing near the periyar lake.

We are returning back and the trek is almost getting over. Bamboo rafting and trekking in thekkady periyar is a magical time for everyone who enjoys it.

Bozidar toured with us on a 14 day tour from December 2012 to January 2013 and his New Year eve was on Meesapulimala in Munnar . You can View more photographs from the Kerala tour of Bozidar Dragistic here

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