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Why Is It Called “900 Kandi”?

In the local dialect, “Thollayiram” means “900”, while “Kandi” means “a patch of land”, pointing to the 900-acre undiscovered forest and hill area that constitutes Thollayiram Kandi in Wayanad. That is over 900 acres of lush green foliage wrapped in utter serenity just lying there, waiting to be explored by adventure seekers and young nature lovers.

Best Time To Visit 900 Kandi, Wayanad

The winter and autumn season in India from October till March is the most ideal time to explore this hidden treasure. 900 Kandi in Wayanad bestows travelers with cool, pleasant weather at this time of the year, along with lush greenery, sights of chirping migratory birds, cool gushing water in rivers and waterfalls, and clear blue skies dotted with puffs of white clouds. Wild animals can be seen roaming around tiny streams and ponds studded in this landscape, unconcerned by the scarce presence of humans.


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Winter turns Wayanad’s forests into an enchanting fairyland! Shimmering sunshine sifts through the thick canopies of trees and fills the jungles with a mystical glow in this weather, making the experience of hiking and trekking all the more magical! The clear skies and mist-less winds in Wayanad in winter allow visitors to enjoy uninterrupted panoramas of the surrounding beauty from atop its many high hills and mountains. Stargazing is also fun owing to cloudless night skies.

Monsoon is also a favourable time to visit Wayanad when fresh moss covers the entire landscape and soothing drizzles welcome you everyday! The warm monsoon climate also ushers in strong winds and the waterfalls flowing in full gusto are a sight to behold!


900 Kandi Skywalk Glass Bridge

The 100-feet long 900 Kandi Skywalk is South India’s first ever glass bridge built really high on a hilltop to provide visitors with breathtaking 360 degree views of the entire valley below! While the visuals of blue and green it offers are absolutely stunning, the bridge is no less of an attraction in itself with its unique design and towering structure that gives guests a gratifying high when they walk it!

It has been constructed to let travelers gulp in picturesque panoramas of Wayanad’s lush, misty hills and rolling pastures from a bird’s-eye point of view which wasn’t possible in this gorgeous part of the town before. And now it has turned into every traveler’s favourite spot in Wayanad! In fact, since its establishment, tourism in the area has spiked!

Tips For Visiting 900 Kandi, Wayanad

  • Carry insect repellent, salt water spray for leeches, antiseptic, and a basic first aid kit
  • Wear sturdy trekking shoes with socks for hiking in the forest and waterfall trekking
  • Carry a raincoat and/or an umbrella regardless of the season
  • The drive in and out of Kandi as well as the trek isn’t suitable for the elderly and people with back problems
  • Let an experienced guide accompany you on treks and walks.
  • Return to your accommodation before sunset
  • Do not litter. Carry a bag for waste like plastic bottles and food wrappers to dispose of in a proper dustbin later.

Why to Visit 900 Kandi, Wayanad?

900 Kandi, Wayanad, has everything you need for that much needed break from the hassles of back-breaking work and urban clutter. Just send your boss a leave application and head to these dreamy hills and forests where wild animals roam free! Browse our range of affordable Wayanad tour packages and help us plan for you a wonderful holiday so that you can explore this charming destination with ease. Happy Tripping!

How To Reach 900 Kandi Wayanad?

Getting to Thollayiram Kandi in Wayanad can be a little tricky if you haven’t properly planned your journey in advance. While one can reach Wayanad via bus, train, or flight, the final leg of the journey to 900 Kandi is by road, where many parts of the route are undeveloped and rocky, giving youngsters an adrenaline-pumped off-roading experience but making it unfit for travelers with back problems and the elderly.

By Air: Calicut International Airport in Kozhikode is the nearest airport to Wayanad, located just 65 km away from it. Once there, you need to get to Meppadi which is another 23 km away from Wayanad town via the Meenangadi-Panamaram road. 900 Kandi is a mere 13 km off Meppadi and can be reached via Kalladi Makham.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to Wayanad is the Calicut Railway Station located in Kozhikode, 62 km from the town.

By Road: You can either take a local KSRTC bus plying on the Meenangadi-Panamaram road from Wayanad uptil Meppadi or you can simply hire a cab or jeep to get you there hassle-free. From Meppadi, the road leading to Kalladi just before 900 Kandi is rather muddy and uneven, but you can easily hire an auto rickshaw or a local taxi to traverse it at a nominal rate. Then a small hike from Kalladi will get you to 900 Kandi while tranquil lush greenery, refreshing streams, and tweeting birds give you company along the way.

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