Is Kochi and Cochin the same?

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Kochi and Cochin are the names which create a lot of confusion when you travel a trip to Kerala. If you are having the same predicament, dont worry, Kochi and cochin are the same. British used to call Kochi as Cochin and Keralites used to call it Kochi and officially Kochi was declared as the name in 90s. Eventhough the official name is Kochi, cochin is also used by many people who live there or who travel to Kochi.The city is widely known as the commercial or economic capital of the state of Kerala and thus good transport infrastructure is critical for the city’s economy.


Here are some fun facts about Kochi or Cochin that you may find interesting

  • Kochi and Cochin are the same. Kochi is the local name and Cochin is the name given by British
  • There is another city in Japan with the same name – KOCHI. There is a partnership between Kochi in India and Kochi in Japan for cultural exchange.
  • Ernakulam is the name of the district in which Kochi ,the sea port in kerala state is located. This place is known and called as Kochi or Ernakulam commonly.
  • Cochin International Airport is 28 Kms North East of Cochin and is located outside the main city
  • Kochi originated from kochazhi which, in Malayalam, denotes “small estuary”.
  • Fort Kochi is the heritage area in kochi and Kochi was a fishing village in the Kingdom of Kochi in the pre-colonial Kerala. The territory that would be later known as Fort Kochi was granted to the Portuguese in 1503 by the Rajah of Kochi.
  • If you want to  come to Kochi by train then you need to alight at North or South. Among Kochites, this station is referred to as “Ernakulam North” or simply “North” as it is in the Northern part of Kochi, to distinguish it from  Ernkulam Junctions which in turn is referred to as (and was officially called for a long time as) “Ernakulam South” or simply “South”. These railway stations are among the railway station nearest to Munnar.
  • Kochi is  the only city in Kerala with three railway stations and there is one more station called Cochin Harbour Terminus near Cochin Port that is used for goods transport
  • Kochi has a very fast and efficient bus transport system mainly dominated by private operators, known as Red-Buses.For transport within the city, buses and taxis are available throughout the day.For transport within the city, buses and taxis are available throughout the day.

buses in kochi

  • The most common on-street hire option are auto rickshaws autos, which are economical.
  • Kaloor Bus station which is a major terminus used by privately operated long-distance buses and local red-buses. It is also a major stop for private mofussil services.
  • Most of the on-street taxis are HM Ambassadors and Tata Indica and as per law, they have to be in White colour with yellow plates without any taxi sign on top.
  • Kochi has the reputation as a bargain-hunters’ paradise , though in price terms many items in Kochi can be cheaper and can be “bundled” with more products if you know how to bargain and where to bargain. Shopping in Kochi is an enjoyable experience .

In all probability, your predicament over Kochi or Cochin should end here. Kochi is among the best cities in Kerala to start a holiday in Kerala and all the major tour destinations like Munnar, Alleppey, Thekkady , Athirappilly etc are in and around Kochi.

Enjoy your trip to Kochi.

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