Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

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Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary reserve is spread over an area of over 1,200 hectares and lets travelers immerse in enriching experiences like jungle safaris, boating, sighting lazily wandering wild animals, birdwatching, hiking in mystical forests, bathing in waterfalls, picnicking on hilltops, camping under the stars, and much more! Be it thrill-seeking youngsters, families with kids, love-struck couples, wildlife and nature lovers, or avid photographers, this verdant woodland has something amazing in store for everyone! So, who’s up for an adventure?


Tips For Visiting Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while visiting the sanctuary:

  • Carry a valid ID proof for entry into the park
  • Wear comfortable cotton clothes and sturdy shoes
  • Apply mosquito repellent, sunscreen, and wear a hat before beginning your journey
  • Carrying a pair of binoculars is a must for wildlife lovers and bird watching enthusiasts!
  • Do not litter. Dispose of trash in proper waste bins.
  • Do not go hiking or trekking in the park premises without the company of a park-assigned certified guide
  • Do not feed, disturb, or scare the wildlife with sudden movements
  • Carry lots of water (avoid plastic bottles)
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the park premises as cigarette butts can cause forest fires
  • Do not use flash while clicking pictures. Maintain a minimum safe distance from wildlife and plants while photographing
  • Do not pluck or harm the flora in any way. Removing anything from the reserve is prohibited
  • Avoid consuming a heavy diet or alcoholic beverages before and during the safari

Neyyar River

The sanctuary forms the drainage basin of the Neyyar River and its tributaries Mullayar and Kallar flowing adjacent to it. The area has a diverse natural vegetation cover ranging from tropical wet evergreen to grasslands. Green hills dot the surface, including the Agasthyamalai peak at an elevation of 1868 meters above sea level.

Area: 128 square km (49 sq mi)

Location: Mayam, Vazhichal, Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala 695551, India

Nearest city: Thiruvananthapuram

Best Time To Visit Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

While the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary weather stays pleasant most time of the year owing to abundant foliage and the rivers surrounding the region, autumn and winter are considered to be the best time to visit this place. Specifically, October to February is the most ideal time to explore this wild kingdom in the south!


The average annual temperature in the area varies from 16ºC to 35ºC. Neyyar has cool and pleasant weather in the winter season where even hot and sunny days are accompanied by cool winds. Besides, the absence of heat and pleasing winter breeze invites fauna to roam free, giving visitors a higher chance of spotting wild animals in this season than in others.

How To Reach Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary lies in close proximity to the airport and railway station in Trivandrum and is easily accessible by all nearby cities via a well-connected road network.


By Air: Located just 38 km away, Trivandrum International Airport is the nearest airport to the sanctuary. From there, you can hail a taxi, rent a car, or take a bus to get to Neyyar.


By Railway: The nearest railway station to Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is Thiruvananthapuram Central located a mere 32 km away from it. Here too, you can find plenty of options to get to the reserve like cabs and buses.


By Road: Getting to Neyyar from any town or city in Kerala is pretty easy thanks to the smooth road network and plethora of transport options available. You can drive down to the sanctuary in your own vehicle, rent a car, hail a taxi, or travel in a bus from the airport, railway station, or practically anywhere in Southern India! A road journey to Neyyar is bound to take you through refreshingly scenic landscapes of mountains, forests, rivers, fields, and beautiful villages. You can also opt for KSRTC operated buses to reach Neyyar from Trivandrum (Kattakada) and nearby cities at nominal rates. All in all

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary Timings

The Neyyar park is open from 9 AM to 4 PM on all days of the week except Monday. Try to visit in the early hours so that you can cover as many attractions in the park as possible and spot a variety of fauna before it gets dark and difficult to see. On an average, it takes 3 hours to explore the main segments of Neyyar Sanctuary.

Things To Do In Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

There are myriad experiences awaiting you in the vast forestland of Neyyar!


  1. Jeep Safari

Start your tour with a thrilling jeep safari that will take you deep into lush Neyyar forest and past its shimmering rivers. Off-roading is an unbeatably fun experience in Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary Kerala, and since the trails inside the reserve aren’t too rough or rocky, it is suitable for all types of travelers from adrenaline junkies to families with kids. Jeep safari rates vary with the season of your travel, type of vehicle you choose, and the time of day you pick for your ride! Make sure you take the earliest possible safari slot in the day if you wish to spot a lot of wild animals in these thick jungles.


  1. Wildlife Sighting

You can catch a glimpse of a wide variety of fauna in Neyyar’s forest area, including sloth bears, elephants, deer, macaques, nilgiri tahrs, and even leopards and tigers if you’re lucky! The sanctuary is also home to a large number of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish species. Animals and birds wander free and untamed in these parts, and most can be spotted near any of the rivers and streams here, drinking water, bathing, or simply resting. If you venture into the forest early in the day and are accompanied by an experienced guide on your jeep safari, you’ll have higher chances of spotting rare species of fauna and avifauna.


  1. Trekking And Nature Walks

A guided trekking tour in the Neyyar forest reserve is an experience unlike any other! You will be traversing sunlight forests echoing with the sounds of exotic birds, exploring sleepy tribal villages of Kerala, stopping by the refreshing Kombaikani waterfalls, visiting Athirumala, Agasthyakoodam pilgrimage base camp, and even enjoying barbecue meals in jungle camps. There are quite a few campsites in and around Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thiruvananthapuram that provide camping packages inclusive of guided trekking and nature walks. Based on comfort and convenience, guests can choose from a one-day trekking tour and a two-day trekking adventure in Neyyar.


One-day trekking tour route: Neyyar – Kombai – Meenmutty

Distance covered: 6 km

Inclusions: Boating till Kombai as well as guided trek to Meenmutty Falls


Two day trekking tour route: Neyyar – Kombai – Meenmutty – Theerthakarai

Distance covered: Aprrox. 12 km

Inclusions: Boating to Kombai, Deer Park, Lions Park, and guided trek to Meenmutty Falls


If you are looking for a light trekking experience, you can also hike to the top of the mighty Agasthyamala Peak famous for its bewitching panoramic views of smooth slopes and beautiful meadows!


  1. Picnic At The Dam

You are bound to cross the magnificent Neyyar Dam on your way to the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala. Nestled on low hills south of the Western Ghats, this visually stunning dam serves as a bridle for the Neyyar river. It is located just 30 km from Trivandrum and serves as a scenic, refreshing picnic spot for couples, families, and youngsters. There are also several nature trails in the small forest surrounding the dam and lake area where adventure enthusiasts love to go on short hiking trips.


  1. Boating In Neyyar River

Among other things, you shouldn’t miss out on the experience of sailing in the Neyyar river! Boating timings in Neyyar are from 9 AM to 3:30 PM. The sanctuary offers boating as your quickest ride to many attractions within the park, including the Lions Park, the Deer Park, and the Crocodile Rehabilitation Center. Usually, Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary ticket price is inclusive of boating tours inside the park. Rowing a boat on the sparkling waters of Neyyar surrounded by endless lush greenery and the delicious sounds of splashing water is an experience that will stay with you forever!


Note: Do not venture into the rivers, marshes and lakes of Neyyar on your own as they are home to hundreds of crocodiles!


  1. Visit The Crocodile Rehabilitation & Research Center

Get up close and personal with crocodiles in the safety of Neyyar’s Crocodile Rehabilitation Center. Learn how these mighty yet dangerous beasts are reared at this center that actively works towards preserving and protecting this species. The Crocodile Center is accessible via a quick, guided boat ride across Neyyar river.


Flora And Fauna Of Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary takes pride in being home to over 30 species of mammals and reptiles, about 176 bird species, 17 species of amphibians, and 40 of fish. A large number of Asian Elephants, Sloth Bears, Jungle Cats, Nilgiri Langurs, Nilgiri Tahrs, Slender Loris, Gaurs, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer, Wild Boars, Sambar and Bonnet Macaques find shelter here, in addition to tigers and leopards. Reptiles like King Cobra and Travancore Tortoise can also be found lazily sunbathing on river banks. A number of resident and migratory birds, including plenty of water birds like egrets, cormorants, lapwings, herons, storks, ibises, darters and varieties of ducks, can also be spotted easily near river banks and in marshes.


In terms of vegetation, one can find West Coast Tropical Evergreen and Southern Hilltop Tropical Evergreen forest cover alongside Southern Subtropical Savannas, South Western Ghats Moist Mixed Deciduous forests, Southern Tropical Hill forests as well as large reed brakes.

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