Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

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Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

Established in the year 1983,spread over twenty-five square kilometers north of the Periyar river, Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary is a low-land forest situated near Kothamangalam in Ernakulam district, India.  The sanctuary is home to a motley species of birds, inclusive of the water and forest birds. Any wonder why it has been described by  Salim Ali, as the richest bird habitat of the Indian Peninsula.


  1. Jerdon's nightjar
  2. Indian cuckoo
  3. Oriental darter
  4. Bubulcus ibis Cattle Egret
  5. Collocalia unicolor Indian Swiftlet
  6. Irena puella Asian Fairy-bluebird
  7. Gracula religiosa Hill Myna
  8. Glaucidium radiatum Jungle Owlet
  9. Artamus fuscus Ashy Wood-swallow
  10. Dendrocitta Formosa Grey Treepie
  11. Vanellus indicus Red-wattled Lapwing
  12. Pelargopsis capensis Stork-billed Kingfisher


Further, adding to the sanctuary's flora and fauna are various plants, butterflies, elephants, porcupines, sloth beards, and amphibious organisms. The presence of various plant species would also make the sanctuary double as a botanical garden.

Do you have a soft spot for birding or are you one considering a place to unwind from the hustle and bustle? You just might find the Thattekad bird sanctuary a delight as it offers all and sundry an embrace into its warm ambiance, where beauty lies in tandem with natureYay! How much delight would it be to see all these?

Facts About Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

  • Latitude - 76 deg. 40' - 76 deg. 45' N
  • Longitude-  10 deg. 7' - 11 deg. E
  • Altitude -  35- 523 m (Njayapilli peak)
  • Area-  25.16 sq. km
  • Rainfall- 2500 mm annually

How to Enjoy a trip to Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

Tourist Guides

There are guides available at the resort who are acquainted with the birds and know what birds are likely to be found in a particular area, and if birders seek to have a slight of rare birds such as the Malabar trogon, the Ceylon Frogmouth, these guides will come in handy! What's more, these guides are also birders and are particularly interesting!


Is birding all there is to the Thattekad bird sanctuary?

No would be a right answer to this. For those who may want to seek fun beyond birdwatching, there are other social activities they may partake in during the course of their tour, they range from Kayaking to cycling tours to plantation walks.


Salim Ali Interpretation Centre

Here, tourists can get information about the sanctuary. From the diversity of the birds to their anatomy and migration.

Oottupura ( Cafeteria)

You crave for light refreshment like Tea, and Ice cream? Why not knock at the door?

Animal Rehabilitation Centre

Yay, isn't it amusing that rehabilitation centres aren't the exclusive preserve of humans? Here, injured animals and birds are kept in a bid to receiving medical treatment, when they are well, they become released into their natural habitat. Yeah, you may wish to call it an animal hospital. Ha ha.

Visit to Medicinal Plants Garden & Nursery

The local and scientific names of plants are displayed for the visitors to easily identify them. The seedlings of these plants will also be made available to them.

Orchiderium Cum Feth House

Interested in seeing indigenious orchids and ferns? Well, there you go. Eco Shop: You need a memorabilia to connect you with the amazing experience of the Sanctuary, then you could choose to buy books, caps, magazines, etc sold here.


Opening Time of Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

The working hours of the Bird Sanctuary are from 7AM to 5 PM. When the hot midday time in the afternoon and the period at which the birds are more active feeding are considered, early mornings would be an apt time to go visiting.

It may be visited throughout the year, however, it is advisable to go on other days other than the monsoon season when the forest area would be receiving a very high rainfall.

How To Reach Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Interested visitors should bear in mind that Thattekad does not have an airport although there are regular flights to Kochi, the  nearest airport which is just about sixty kilometres away.

Also, it has no railway station and the nearest one is at Aluva, which is fourty seven kilometers away.

The good news! The sanctuary is connected to the rest of the country by road, and there are buses and taxes available which tourists may board.

All things considered, won't you want to explore the enthralling beauties of the sanctuary?

Accommodation in Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Worry not about where to stay if you decide to visit the resort, bordering on accommodation facilities, there are available options to choose from such as homestays, service cottage, tent and resort. Just in case you wish to come with a lot of people, there is a dormitory type accommodation capable of housing up to fifty people. So, there you may lodge as a group.

Visitors desirous of making accommodation bookings may elect to contact any of the principal officers in the sanctuary for guidance.
And who says you can't see somewhere at the sanctuary to match your budget?

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