Kerala Houseboat Pictures

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The images of houseboats in Kerala stirs up the nostalgia of an old period in Kerala when large barge-like boats passed through the backwater canals of Alleppey with spices and coirs for selling in Kochi to visiting Arabs & Portuguese. Houseboats in their modern form are luxury vessels designed for holidaying and pleasure trips through backwaters to enjoy the views and the village life of Alleppey , Kumarakom or Kollam.

If you are choosing a houseboat either for a day cruise package in backwaters or for one of the overnight Kerala houseboat packages , it is always advisable to prebook the houseboat and here are some images and photos that will help you to narrow down on your choices

Houseboats with Double deck
The houseboat with double deck has an upper deck to enjoy uninterrupted backwater view with conference facilities and a capacity to cater to more people. The upperdeck usually has a cosy double bedroom with attached bath, a living area with a TV and music system and a sundeck. The lower deck usually have 2 double rooms with ACs and attached baths, with each room capable of accommodating 2 adults and two or three children. The lower deck usually has its own dining area with television and a sitout and welcome area of the houseboat and the  two decks also ensure that two separate groups can hire the boat at the same time – even as they maintain their privacy and exclusivity – at half the cost of hiring a full houseboat.


Houseboats in Kerala with Sun Deck
There are houseboats in Kerala without a full upper deck but with a sun deck which is a great way to enjoy the backwater cruise with out any obtrusive distractions that can be there in the lower deck. These houseboats will have a staircase from the welcome area of the boat that goes into the sundeck. Sundeck can be open or glass covered. Given a choice , opt for a glass covered houseboat that will protect you from insects at night.

There are kerala-housbeoat-sundeck

Houseboats in Kerala without Upper decks

Houseboats in Kerala are made of the parts of a coconut tree, and plow on the waters, taking you to the interior of the lakes, making your stay a thoroughly memorable affair. Most houseboats are an awe inspiring moment to realise how an entire house – including a sitting room, two bedrooms and a kitchen – have been constructed atop a boat.


More Images & Photos of Houseboats in Kerala

A Luxury Houseboat in Kerala with Jacuzzi and backwater facing glass windows

A Luxury Houseboat in Kerala with Jacuzzi and backwater facing glass windows

Living  Room in Kerala houseboat

Living Room in Kerala houseboat


Bathroom in Kerala Houseboat

Chef Cooking in a Kerala Houseboat Kitchen

Chef Cooking in a Kerala Houseboat Kitchen

Bedrooms in Kerala Houseboat with backwater view

Bedrooms in Kerala Houseboat with backwater view


General Schedule of Activities in a houseboat in Kerala

Activity in Houseboat
Scheduled Time
Check-in and welcome drinks
12.00 PM
12.30pm – 1.30pm
1.30pm – 3.30pm   (anchored)
3.30pm – 5.30pm
Tea & Snacks
Evening Walk
5.30pm – 6.30pm
8.00pm – 9.00pm
8.00am – 9.00am


Spending a night or two on the houseboat sailing on the serene backwaters in Alleppey or Kumarakom amidst the coconut palms and beautiful landscapes is an experience that you must not miss if you are visiting Kerala and here is a general schedule on what to expect when you go for an overnight houseboat cruise . You can also opt for a day cruise in Alleppy backwaters

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