Kerala backwater tour- Choosing a Houseboat

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Kerala Houseboat Packages are among the main attractions in backwater Kerala tourism. These houseboats help tourists in discovering the enchanting backwaters and lively villages of Kerala on a houseboat cruise. Apart from excellent outlook, these houseboats are extremely eco-friendly, as it is made of bamboo poles, coconut fiber, ropes, bamboo mats, carpets etc. Here are some tips to choose a houseboat for your Kerala houseboat Tour.

Kerala Backwater Tour- Kerala Houeboat
Photo Courtsey :Gui Stafford on Flickr

Types of kerala Houseboats
Kerala Government gives official rating to houseboats which are Platinum or green, Gold and Silver rating. However these ratings are not mandatory and very few boat companies would have rated their houseboats with government ratings.

There are four main types Kerala houseboats that may be available with most houseboat providers- Standard, Deluxe, Premium and Luxury.

Standard – This will a basic boat and sometimes may turn too basic for your liking. We would not suggest you to go for this as many of them will be boats with out an air conditioner.

Deluxe/ Premium- These are houseboats which are much more comfortable and where air conditioner will be available for 10 hours at night. These are the houseboats that are provided by us to most of our guests booking backwater tour packages.

Luxury / Super deluxe- Super deluxe houeboats will have uniformed butlers and 24 hour air conditioners and you should choose this option if you enjoy staying in the upper ecleon hotels.

Rooms, Facilities & Staff
Kerala house boats have fully furnished single double triple and five bedrooms with sundeck, private balcony with comfortable chairs, kitchen and toilet. In addition there is also separate rest room with television and a crew comprising two oarsmen and a cook . It takes great skill and meticulousness to construct and navigate these giant Houseboats by tying huge planks of Anjili tree and the staff has been trained properly. All Houseboats have adequate safety measures and Kerala government and tourism department conducts periodic audits and inspections to ensure safety of tourists.

Food & Dining
When you book a Kerala houseboat cruise for one night all meals will be served on board. The cuisine is continental, south Indian, North Indian or traditional Kerala flavored with the local specialties; delicious local fish.

Other Details
Houseboats pick you up at Alleppey at 12 PM and lunch is served on board when the cruise starts. the cruise will go on and guests can request to stop at places of interest . At around 5 – 5: 30 PM the houseboats will be anchored close to shore as Government of Kerala doesn’t allow tourist activity as fishermen put nets in the sea. Go for village sightseeing and dinner is served at night. Spend Night in Houseboat and wake up to a beautiful morning in the middle of backwaters. Check out at 9 AM.

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