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Why is Kollam Beach famous?

Kollam is an ancient city and seaport on the Malabar Coast with the vast Arabian Sea close to it.  It is located on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada River. Kollam beach is one of the notable spots of Kollam. 

The sun going down on the western horizon in the Arabian Sea is going to fill your heart with a lot of pleasure. Prior to it and also at sunset, you can enjoy the colourful twilight scene too. So, see them and enrich your collection of photographs with those lovely moments. 

Besides, Kollam is going to be a great destination for weddings. It has already fulfilled its promises by giving ideal conditions to those who are ready to get it done at Kollam. Yes, people in a large number are arranging their weddings on the beach. 

Kollam Port has become popular for the cashew trade. Moreover, Kollam Beach’s contribution to the spice trade is also very significant. In addition to, Chinese fishing nets, pots and sampans adorn the beach.  

Kollam Beach is one of the lifeguard outposts of Kerala. Since 2005 lifeguards have been stationed here.

Historical Significance of Kollam

Some tourists come here to see the Tangasseri lighthouse.  A 144 feet high structure is a major landmark of Kerala.  It was constructed in 1902. It represents the significance of Kollam Beach to the traders. Even there are some relics and remains from the reign of the Portuguese era. They are ruins of Dutch and Portuguese Forts and churches of the 18th century.


Take a Boat Ride:  There is a short canal very close to the island village. People usually opt for cruises in the canal. It is as exciting as it is romantic. You will get a chance to board a country boat or houseboat made up of wood.   The ride usually takes around 4 hours.  

Visit Mahatma Gandhi Park: Pay a visit to the nearby park named Mahatma Gandhi Park. The Park has a lot of facilities and entertainment for the children. Zakir Hussain, the former Vice President of India, inaugurated this park on 01 January 1961. 

Play games:  You can play badminton, football and many other types of games. Children and adults both like to swim in the ocean.  

Go to Marine Aquarium: You can also visit the Marine Aquarium from this spot. Kollam Municipal Corporation has taken this initiative to build such a structure in Kerala for the first time. In the aquarium, there are forty tanks to keep different kinds of marine life. 

Buy Fish:   Explore the lively fish market. You can also buy fish of your choice.

How to Reach Kollam Beach

Road: Kollam Beach is only 7.9 kilometers from Kollam city. You can hire a taxi or avail any public transport to reach Kollam Beach. 

Rail: All the major trains touch at Kollam. In fact, the Kerala Express daily moves from Kollam to Delhi. 

Air: The Trivandrum International Airport is the nearest one to Kollam. It is around 66 kilometers away. 

Ferry Boat: People avail ferry boats from the nearby railway stations. 


  • Kollam Beach remains warm and humid throughout the year. Select a time between December and March to have the best kind of experience. Avoid the monsoon because at this time your trip might be marred by heavy rain.   
  • For many tourists, language becomes a barrier. People usually talk in Malayalam. Some of them can speak a little English too. It is better if you could learn a few local day-to-day common words before going. 
  • Don’t throw any kind of garbage on the beach. Try to keep it clean. 
  • Keep water bottles and umbrellas handy

Places to Visit Nearby

The Tourist Places of Kollam also include the following spots. 

Palaruvi Waterfalls

Jatayu’s Earth Centre


Thenmala Deer Park


Thangassery Beach

Tourists from near and far visit Kollam Beach to see the enchanting Arabian Sea. The kind of solitude you are seeking from your busy life you might find it in Kollam Beach.

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