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Kumarakom's climate remains reasonably steady throughout the year, and the dense greenery along the running water means temperature stay cool even at the height of summer. Accordingly, whether you want to explore or relax, Kumarakom has a season for you! The beginning of the calendar year is also densely packed with festivals and celebrations, which would be a shame to miss:


January/February - Sree Dharma Sastha Temple: musical rites and ceremonies honour Sastha, the deity of this 1200-year-old temple

February - Subrahmanya Temple: the climax of the Thaippooyam festival is the ceremonial procession of kavadi-carrying devotees thronging the streets.

March - Sree Kumaramangalam Temple: several cultural programs such as traditional dances and musical instruments accompany the rituals celebrated on Pooyam day.

March/April - Puthiyakavu Devi Temple: an eight-day festival celebrates the Goddess Bhadrakali.

March/April - Thekkumkara Sree Ardhanariswara Temple: the festival of Meenabharani celebrates the joint manifestation of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathy with ritual and cultural performances.

April - Muthante Nada Mahadeva Temple: a three-day festival honours the three deities of this temple, Lord Shiva, Muthan Vallyachan and Bhadra. The temple lantern used to function as a lighthouse for fishermen and boatmen on the lake.


Monsoon season spans from June through to October. Torrential rain and widespread flooding mean Kumarakom's greenery is even greener than usual, and the forests and waterfalls are at the peak of their luscious verdant magic. This is the perfect season for quiet contemplation on the riverbanks, in a houseboat or from your accommodation.

The weather is cooler and drier between October and February. While this is the perfect time for outdoor activities and sports, beware of the peak season prices from December to January, as well as larger crowds.

Between March and May, Kerala's summer hits its peak, with sweltering and humid weather, making conditions less than ideal for anything but doing nothing. However, Kumarakom stays relatively cool thanks to the lake, so take advantage of the off-season prices and start exploring