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Although Alleppey is an all-weather destination, each season has its specific charms and is more or less adapted to the type of holiday you are seeking to enjoy.


Monsoon season spans from June through to October. Torrential rain and widespread flooding mean Alleppey's greenery is even greener than usual, and its canal banks and coconut palm groves adopt a plethora of deep and vibrant hues. The peak of Alleppey's natural beauty coincides with the best season for Ayurveda, which Alleppey is also well-known for, so sit back, relax and enjoy the off-season prices. Houseboat cruises are particularly atmospheric at this time, and there is little that is more beautiful than watching the rainfall on pristine waterways.

The weather is cooler and drier between October and February. While this is the perfect time for outdoor activities and sports such as houseboat cruises, Kettuvallam cruises and canoeing, beware of the peak season prices from December to January, as well as larger crowds.

Between March and May, Kerala's summer hits its peak, with sweltering and humid weather, making conditions less than ideal for anything but doing nothing. Alleppey can become a little uncomfortable during the day, especially for outdoors sightseeing or activities, but at night a fresh sea breeze does bring some much-needed relief. If you like hot, wet heat and have light linen or cotton clothes, take advantage of the off-season prices and avoid the crowds!